Thursday, October 8, 2009

AC's Subscriber Challenge - Poems

Thomas Jennings said in the New Subscriber to Subscriber forum,  "Would love to see a list of everybody's poetry to read through in one place." Great suggestion! Because I enjoy poetry and Julie Darleen's challenge, I would like to accomodate! Enjoy~
Brought to you by Ranee Wright

I Found a Dime Today   Thankfulness   and   Trapping Tangents by Julie Darleen

Haiku Poem Celebrate Life by Ranee Wright (yep, that's me;)
Haiku Poems Reflecting on Northern Michigan's Nature by Catherine Spencer
Our Heart's Delight and Breaking the Chain by Thomas Jennings

What Bush Did by Peter Flom

Haiku - Autumn Beauty and Bounty and Halloween and Fall Festival in Haiku  by Marie Ann St. Jean

"Blue": A Poem in Tribute to a Dead Classmate by ADSpencer

Let me know if I missed anyone or you'd like to be added to the list!
I enjoyed all of your poems:)

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